Here's Why Melania Trump's White Hat Is Stirring Controversy

Any other one among Melania Trump’s huge white hats is making headlines — however now not in a great way. 

The First Woman was once photographed dressed in a Pith helmet, often referred to as a safari helmet, whilst traipsing across the Nairobi Nationwide Park on Friday afternoon, the place she was once additionally photographed feeding orphaned child elephants. She is lately on day 5 of her week-long excursion of Africa.


The New York Occasions‘s Katie Rogers issues out that the hat has grow to be an emblem of the exploitation of Africans given its historical past as a part of the uniform of colonialists within the early 19th century. 

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“When folks bring to mind Africa, they’ve those same old narratives,” Kim Yi Dionne, a political science professor who focuses on African politics on the College of California, Riverside, instructed the Occasions. “Her apparel is a sign of her figuring out of what Africa is in 2018. It’s drained and it’s outdated and it’s faulty.”

A resident of Nairobi, Pauleen Mwalo, wrote on Twitter: “That Pith helmet you have got carried was once utilized by colonialists right through the darkish days. Does not sit down smartly with us Africans.” 

She added, “Who recommended you?”

The First Woman’s offensive headwear selection comes simply months after her explosive, “I actually do not care do u?” jacket. If her purpose in Africa was once to fix relationships — which could have been struggling following the President’s alleged “shithole nations” remark previous this summer time — she turns out to have overlooked the mark utterly.

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