Is Beard Trend Over? 10 Reasons To Shave It Off

When writing this newsletter, I came across a query on Quora asking ”Why Do Attorneys All the time Shave Their Beards Off?”. Judging from other folks’s responses, I got here to a conclusion that whenever you dangle a qualified task, this is a will have to to be clean-shaven. It is a social grooming tradition for company executives. Being clean-shaven is extra decent.


When you have been web hosting an absolutely cared for beard, shaving it off is probably not a very simple resolution to make – but when your new profession requires a clean-shaven beard, you don’t have any different choice however to shave. 

Beard Development isn’t over as society thinks, majority of guys are nonetheless rising their beards and caring for them with scented beard oils. Alternatively, a transformation in occupation/profession would possibly put you on different aspect of the coin. 

  • Trim it off with a quicker hair clipper
  • Follow shaving cream prior to shaving
  • Make a selection a shaving software – The one problem is discovering the most productive type to your pores and skin kind – however Yosaki has compiled that listing for excellent electrical shavers for males, test it out for suggestions.



  • Shave your beard for a role interview: – Beard enlargement tradition isn’t for everybody, so don’t suppose your new boss will like your beard pattern even if they’ve one. It’s important to provide yourself for an interview when smartly groomed and sensible – as a result of your look will inform alot about you.
  • Shave your beard for a qualified profession: – Each profession/task calls for for particular seems to be. Some careers are informal in taste, so pulling off an informal model taste with a beard can also be k – on the other hand a transformation to a wise skilled  profession like being a legal professional, physician, industry government officer…and so on…Would possibly require you to revise what you put on and the way you glance.
  • For a Date: – It’s most commonly males who love this all beard pattern factor however only a few girls fall for this pattern. So that you could depart the whole lot balanced trim your beard – however don’t lower it off totally until when she says she prefers a clear shave. I don’t need you to take a chance of chopping off your beard and in a while she says no to you.
  • This can be a patchy beard: – A patchy beard may be very irritating. It will possibly’t develop thick or lengthy and it at all times seems to be stressed out so the most suitable choice is to grasp a foil shaver and transparent it off. Some other folks say that when you shave a patchy beard it grows again uniformly with out patches – however I don’t have any evidence on that.
  • For a Passport Picture:- That is self explanatory, a beard will adjust the way in which you glance so you are going to learn to groom it in order that they see the true you. A furry beard would possibly now not glance great in a passport photograph. 
  • To your marriage ceremony day: – It is a special occasion for each you and your spouse to be. You’ll have a lot of people and all eyes will likely be on you. Selfies and footage will likely be taken – so bear in mind to groom your beard in order that you glance presentable. You don’t must shave all of it.
  • It’s itchy: – Absolutely grown beards have a tendency to host dandruff and it will get itchy through the years. You’ll be able to transparent this itchiness with beard conditioner & shampoo for dandruff but when this turns into dear and time eating – go for a clear shave and revel in lifestyles to the fullest. Existence is just too quick for an itchy beard.
  • It’s tough to care for: – It isn’t simple to develop a complete beard, however it’s even more difficult to care for it. It’s important to spend money on beard oils, scents, shampoo, conditioner, brush and comb. A complete equipment for beard grooming merchandise prices about $60 ….however you are going to purchase like three of those in a yr a excellent electrical shaver prices about $100-$150. Do the mathematics; it’s inexpensive to shave than to care for an absolutely grown beard.


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